Who I Work With

John Cornelison, LPC

I work with adults (18 and over) seeking online counseling in Georgia. My sessions are goal-oriented and solution focused.

While it is important to explore the issues that brought you to counseling, your treatment will concentrate less on the past and more on today and the future.  

Although I am comfortable working with both men and women, and dealing with a wide range of mental health issues, I am particularly focused on working with men.

Men's issues encompass many areas including stress, substance use, balancing work and family, and sexual matters related to aging, performance, or infidelity.  I particularly enjoy working with men facing or experiencing separation or divorce, as well as those who are living with the reality of separation and divorce.

My practice has typically been made up of 50/50 females and males.  The specific focus area around men’s issues (and the fact that I am male) probably accounts for the high percentage of men.  The average general practitioner commonly sees more women than men (perhaps 75/25) because women more readily admit to their emotions and are often more willing than men to enter counseling.

Of the people I see, substance use impacts about half--either in the form of their own use or the use of a significant other (child, spouse, or parent).

I approach substance addiction with a 12-step mindset while recognizing that relapse is often a part of developing sustained recovery.  I approach substance abuse with education and compassion.  I am not of the opinion that all substance users are abusers.  For example, having a beer after mowing the lawn doesn’t sound alarms in my mind unless drinking after mowing the lawn has resulted in significant negative consequences that have not altered the pattern of use.

Trauma is also commonly found in counseling clients.  The source of the trauma varies, but typically may be from molestation, domestic violence, victims of violent crime, and combat veterans.

Three sources of trauma often not spoken about are miscarriages, medically indicated pregnancy termination, and elective abortion.  While I focus more on today than yesterday, I practice trauma informed care (TIC).  One working definition of TIC is a treatment framework that involves understanding, recognizing, and responding to the effects of all types of trauma.

Each mental health practitioner likely has issues they particularly enjoy treating.  I find treatment-resistant depression to be one of those focus points for me.  Another is adult ADHD.

As far as appointments and payment - I consider 45 minutes a therapeutic hour, and I work strictly on a self-pay basis.  In other words, sessions last 45 minutes, and I do not take insurance.

Also, at this time I am only working with adult clients who live in the state of Georgia.

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