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How to Create Successful Relationships

Successful relationships are an important, even vital, part of our lives. Here are six ways to keep your relationships strong.

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Using Gadgets, Gizmos, and Technology to Keep Moving

Gadgets, gizmos, and technology are good for many things sedentary. Find out how I'm using them to stay more active.

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The Rewards of Journaling

Journaling has long been used for recordkeeping. But done correctly, it can be a great tool for emotional release. Find out how it works here.

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Focus on Gratitude: Part Two

This focus on gratitude is part two of how to overcome negative thoughts. Use these eight suggestions for finding time to be grateful during your day.

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Overcome Negative Thinking With Gratitude: Part One

Gratitude is the opposite of negative thinking. Reframing negative statements into gratitude statements can be a powerful way to retrain your mind.

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9 Ways To Relieve Stress

Looking for ways to relieve stress in your life? Here are nine things you can do this weekend to make your week flow much easier, and keep you more relaxed!

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Rub Some Dirt On It

Boys are told to "rub some dirt on it" when emotional situations occur, leading to repressed emotions. Learn why it's important for them to express emotions and form transparent relationships.

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End Your "I Hate Valentine's Day" Woes

If "I hate Valentine's Day" is your mantra, try these seven steps to minimize its impact.

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Resolutions for a Successful Relationship

Successful relationship resolutions will put you on solid ground toward taking action and developing new habits. Put them into practice and keep the passion alive for you and your partner.

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Why Thinking Positive Isn't Enough

Thinking positive thoughts is a powerful tool for overcoming depression and negative life events. But for most people, it just isn't enough to create lasting change. Here's why.

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Beating the Post Holiday Blues

Post holiday blues got you down? If you're having trouble going from Ho-Ho-Ho back to the Ho-Hum daily grind, there is help.

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Think You Don't Know Your Child Anymore?

Parenting children is an adventure! Especially when your little angel's behavior makes you wonder if you even know her or him anymore. Find out why this happens and how to handle it.

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